Sacred Postpartum


“Mother Roasters are CARE GIVERS that nurture new mothers after BIRTH while supporting their RECOVERY after BIRTH & JOURNEY into motherhood; as EVERY woman deserves to be welcomed into MOTHERHOOD with GENTLE + LOVING + CARE”  -Anni Daulter

Let’s schedule a free consultation to discuss what package will best fit your postpartum needs and wishes!

Sacred Postpartum Care & Services Packages


Honoring Birth $200

Ceremonial Milk, Herb, Roses, and Honey Bath

Custom Massage Oil & Full Body Rub-down

Sealing Ceremony & Belly Binding (includes batik Beng Kung belly bind)


Healing Birth $150

Birth Story Processing & Journal Making

Sealing Ceremony & Belly Binding (includes batik Beng Kung belly bind)

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Body Balance Basket $185

Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath Tea

Vital Fire Tincture (for postpartum cramping)

Mother’s Ease Tincture (for postpartum moods)

Belly Binding (includes batik Beng Kung belly bind)


Placenta Honoring $250

Placenta Honoring Ceremony

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Tincture

Cord Keepsake & Placenta Print

Vital Fire & Mother’s Ease Tinctures


Postpartum Nourishment $55

Soup & Bread Basket

Lactation Tea & Postpartum Healing Tea

Dessert of Choice

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A la Carte

Postpartum Sitz Bath Tea (2 bags = 4 baths) $10

Peaceful Postpartum Teas (8oz loose leaf) $12

Healing Bottom Balm $15

Vital Fire Tincture $20

Mother’s Ease Tincture $20

Batik Beng Kung Belly Bind (includes one demo) $125

Sealing Ceremony + Belly Bind $145

Birth Story Processing & Journaling Birth $45

Create a Custom Package! (prices vary)

*Pricing for packages and items include personal delivery, travel charges apply for areas beyond Kitsap County*


All balms, tinctures and teas are handcrafted from organic ingredients and made with love. Batik Belly Binds can be rented instead of purchased. If you decide to rent a belly bind instead of purchasing one, take $30 off of the package price. Belly Binds can only be rented as part of a package. If you wish to have a Belly Bind a la carte, you must purchase one to keep.


Brandy Stuart ~ (360) 551-3469 ~ ~

Schedule a FREE Consultation to learn more about my postpartum services. We can tailor a plan to meet **ANY** budget (discounted rates apply for multiple services). 


Please enjoy this quick testimonial and some BEAUTY-full pictures from a Sacred Postpartum Client ❤

“Still feeling amazing this morning after being roasted and sealed yesterday by my amazing friend and doula Brandy Stuart. Ceremonial crowning and milk and honey herbal bath, full body rub down, birth story, sealing ceremony, and belly bind.
Every postpartum woman deserves to be honored in this way. ❤  So blessed”

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